We have the following very active clubs

  • Wildlife club
  • Young Farmers club
  • Club Sigma
  • Environmental club


This is a very active club currently with a membership of 60 students

 This enables the club to compete locally and nationally

 In the year 2011 the club was involved in; a)seeds planting

                                                             b)seedling planting

The club harvested sukuma wiki and cabbages in 2014.

The club enjoys enormous support from the school which provided the garden and the initial capital to open the land.


The club would like to iniate the following projects in the year 2017;

a)composite mature

b)Fish harvesting

c)water harvesting

d)continue with farming

e)Carry on more tree planting activities

f)Start green house farming

The biggest challenge that hinders the development of the projects is inadequate finances. Although the members do contribute, their contributions are far much below the requirement to finance any of the above projects.

the club therefore invites people of good will to be; a)friends of the club

                                                                        b)finance part or full project(s)

welcome all.


Tender Announcements on the school website will be made here.

Please keep checking.

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Teaching staff

The following is our teaching staff


MRS. …

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